Aluminium Rollers


Aluminium rollers are commonly used in the coal industry, as they are light weight and low noise. They are available in the RS model, with either the heavy duty nylon composite housing, or the standard composite housing.

Alloy Shell – Poly Bearing Housings – Roller Features

  • Shells are made from a high grade light weight, specially formulated Aluminium alloy.
  • End Housings are an interference fit into the tube ends and solid in construction. Material: Specially formulated polyurethane. • Weight of the Aluminium roller is OH&S friendly, due to light mass. Hollow shafts are used where necessary, to keep the mass down to the client’s specification.
  • TIR (Total Indicator Run out) and MIS (Mean Indicator Slope) compliant.
  • Balance Quality G16 or 0.05 Nm to ISO3709.
  • Roller Material Build Up has good properties against build up.
  • Low Noise, which meets customer’s specifications.

Please see catalog for technical information.