Steel Composite & Low Noise Steel Composite Rollers


The BAM steel composite roller utilizes our proven high quality ERW Steel tube with minimal TIR and our specially formulated solid polyester bearing housing. The dynamically balanced tube to AS3709 G16 combined with the precision-machined solid housing offers the quietest running roller on the market today.

Our unique manufacturing process along with our computerized dynamic balancing machine enables us to achieve the best possible TIR and MIS, which reduces any noise generated from the belt running across the surface of the roller. The solid polyester housing absorbs any vibration within the bearing housing and deadens any internal noise generated from the roller shell and bearing rotation.

Our housings are designed to withstand large loads, with special care taken to make sure the bearing is located in the most effective position within the housing so that any load is distributed evenly through the housing onto the bearing and shaft.

We have designed into the housing our proven RS seal package along with a primary heavy duty nylon protective outer dual labyrinth shield, which will eliminate any rock jamming & provides additional protection against the ingress of contaminants.

Please see catalog for technical information.