Ceramic Strip Lagging

Pulley Lagging

Our range of ceramic lagging is available with dimpled or plain tiles catering for any application. The dimpled tile is used solely on drive pulleys. The small dimple on top of each tile embeds itself into the top cover of the conveyor belt creating a geared drive effect between the belt and drive pulley. This eliminates the potential of slippage between the belt and drive pulley. The plain tile is used on any nondriven pulleys installed in high tension or highly abrasive areas. The 92% alumina tile offers protection against wear providing longevity in demanding applications. Our manufacturing process ensures that tiles are bonded on the back and all sides. This process provides a superior layer of protection from impact and significantly reduces the risk of the tile dislodging or cracking. Our ceramic strip lagging is manufactured 12mm (1/2”) thick by 410mm (161/8”) width for triangular tiles and 12mm (1/2”) thick by 250mm (10”) width for the round tiles.

Please see catalog for technical information.