TuffClamp Skirt System

Skirting Material

TuffClamp skirting is manufactured and supplied in 1m (40") lengths that canbe retro fitted directly to existing or as part of a new steel skirt plate. Thedesign of this system ensures flexibility when installing.

The position of the mounting brackets are able to be adjusted to accommodate any obstructions. The acme thread on the mounting assembly ensures simple access for the adjustment or replacement of the rubber or polyurethane skirt. The clamp bar within our system is positively retained eliminating any risk of the clamp bar coming into contact with the belt.

The system is able to accommodate skirt material from 10mm (3/8") through to 19mm (3/4") thick and is available in both standard and low profile design.

All components are manufactured from 304 grade stainless steel.

Please see catalog for technical information.