Adhesive TRS 4004


Adhesive TRS 4004 is a two-part cold vulcanizing cement based on CR (polychloroprene rubber). Binds rubber to rubber, rubber to metal, rubber to fabric, fabric to fabric, metal to fabric. The main difference of TRS 4004 cement is the use of ethyl acetate, a solvent with low toxicity and acceptable odor. It is used for works on open grounds or in well ventilated premises.

Use: repair and joining of rubber-fabric conveyor belts using TRS repair patches, bands and strips, rubber coating of metal surfaces, pulley lagging. Is suitable for repairing and joining of rubber-fabric conveyor belts used in food industry.


  •     Base: CR - polychloroprene rubber
  •     Solvent: ethyl acetate
  •     Specific density: 0.95 g/m3
  •     Dynamic viscosity: approx. 2800-3200 mPa·s
  •     Colour: dark grey
  •     Shelf life: 2 years


  • Working temperature: +15 / +35 C
  • Hardener: TRS 1000 E
  • Ratio: 30 g of hardener per 0.75 kg of cement
  • Pot life: 4-6 hours
  • Layer active time: approx. 25 min. at 20 degree C
  • Application quantity: 300 g/m² per coat
  • Vulcanizing time: approx. 24 hours

Recommended technology of applying the adhesive mixture on the surfaces to be bonded:

  • rubber/ rubber-cord materials/ fabric: 2 layers;
  • rubber with bonding layer: 1 layer;
  • primed metal: 1 layer.
Art. No. Container Package
302900 750 ml 10 pcs
302910 5 l (4,7 kg) 4 pcs
302905 190 kg 1 pcs

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